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Our fourth generation

Welcoming the littlest Speer son

Dear friends,

In February my wife and I gave birth to our first child and we have been over the moon since.  We are so thankful to add another generation of farmers to our family and to keep our legacy going.  Having a baby boy makes me think about the way I was raised in the business, with my father and grandfather, and I can’t wait to give my son the same experience. 


I have so many great memories of driving the fields with my dad and operating all the tractors.  My father and grandfather taught me about life through working on the farm: how to work productively in the fields with the crews, how to solve everyday hurdles that kept us from our job that day, and how to treat everyone you meet with respect.  Now it’s my turn to teach those lessons to my son and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. 

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