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offering more varieties and cultivars than ever before

Find the trees you're looking for at Speer & Sons Nursery.


We take pride in growing some of the most beautiful, hardy trees in the industry.  It's one of the reasons why our wonderful customers have stayed loyal to us since 1948. 




                     Acer x Freemanii 'DTR 102'

                         Autumn Fantasy Maple

                               One of the most dependable and adaptable Maples on the market.  Autumn Fantasy                                     shows its brilliant fall colors even in warmer climates where other Maples won't. This                                     Freemanii is fast growing and has a wonderful crown shape.



Acer x Freemanii 'Jeffersred'

Autumn Blaze® Maple (Plant Patent No. 4864)

A vigorous growing tree with a good central leader.  Fall color is excellent and holds longer than most other Red Maples.



                     Acer Campestre

                         Hedge Maple

                                A dense globular form tree that adapts well in urban settings.  Leaves turn to a rich                                        yellow color in the fall. 



Acer Amur 'Flame'

Flame Amur Maple

A small, attractive and very hardy tree.  Its bright green, three lobed leaves are proportionate in size to the tree and turn a beautiful orange-crimson in the fall.



Acer Miyabei 'Morton'

State Street® Maple

This pyramidal tree has great branching habits and a very uniform head.  Known for being tolerant to heat and drought, its green foliage turns to a golden-yellow in the fall. 



                     Acer Palmatum 

                         Japanese Maple

                               Rounded to broad-rounded with a layered branching structure. Hand-shaped green                                       leaves emerge in early spring, with autumn bringing ranges of orange, yellow, purple                                     and red.



Acer Palmatum 'Beni Kawa'

Beni Kawa Japanese Maple

This coral barked Maple has an upright vase shape. During colder weather its bark changes from a muted salmon color to an incredibly brilliant red. 

Acer Palmatum 'Bloodgood'

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Bloodgood has a round shape with a height and spread of up to 20 feet in maturity.  This beautiful tree is known for having the deepest red coloring of all the Japanese Maples and keeps it color through spring, summer and fall. 



Acer Palmatum 'Emperor I'

Emperor One Japanese Maple

This upright grower reaches heights of 15-20 feet in maturity.  Its crimson red foliage opens late and keeps its color through summer.  During the fall it transcends to a brilliant red.



Acer Palmatum Dissectum 'Red Dragon'

Red Dragon Japanese Maple

This Japanese Maple from New Zealand has set a new standard in red dissectums. It has a deep purple color that turns bright red in the fall, and it holds its beautiful color longer than any of the other red
dissectums - whether it's in the sun or shade.

Acer Palmatum Dissectum 'Viridis'

Viridis Japanese Maple

Viridis is a vigorous tree with lacey leaves. This Japanese Maple has a very nice round cascading shape and a deep alluring green color. Fall brings a beautiful red hue.

Acer Palmatum Var. Dissectum 'Inaba-Shidare'

Inaba-Shidare Japanese Maple

This dissectum is an upright grower that eventually matures into a cascading shape.  It has a beautiful deep red color in spring and summer that turns into a stunning bright red in the fall. 



Acer Seiryu

Seiryu Japanese Maple

Selected for its upright, vase-shaped form, this unique dissectum is a strong grower.  Small reddish-purple flowers bloom in spring, followed by spectacular red and gold foliage in fall. 


Acer Platanoides 

Norway Maple

One of the most beautiful purple-leaved Norway Maples.  Noted for its dark maroon foliage that retains its color all summer. 

                   Acer Platanoides 'Crimson King'

                      Crimson King Maple

                            One of the most beautiful purple-leaved Norway Maples.  Noted for its dark maroon                                      foliage that retains its color all summer. 



Acer Platanoides 'Crimson Sentry'

Crimson Sentry Maple

This tree differs from Crimson King by having a very tight, upright shape.  It is slower growing, making it ideal for narrow streets and small yards.



Acer Platanoides 'Emerald Queen'

Emerald Queen™ Maple

A straight, rapid-growing, ascending tree noted for its purplish-green foliage. 



Acer Platanoides 'Princeton Gold'

Princeton Gold Maple

Very attractive Norway selection from Princeton Nurseries.  This tree has bright golden yellow foliage, holding the color well through the summer months.



Acer Platanoides 'Royalred'

Royalred Maple

A classic, hardy tree with dark red foliage.  Similar to the beautiful Crimson King Maple. 



                     Acer Rubrum 'Armstrong'

                         Armstrong Red Maple

                                A fast-growing Red Maple that forms a narrow, spire-like top.  Its leaves are a dark                                          green color that turn orange and red in the fall. 



Acer Rubrum 'October Glory'

October Glory® Maple

A Red Maple variety with a shapely head.  Noted for its lustrous foliage and spectacular fall color, this tree turns a brilliant crimson-red in the fall and retains its foliage. 



Acer Rubrum 'Franksred'

Red Sunset® Maple

Outstanding variety of Acer Rubrum.  The Red Sunset is a strong grower that forms a shapely head.  Its summer foliage is a lustrous green that turns to a bright scarlet color in the fall. 



Acer Rubrum 'Sun Valley'

Sun Valley Red Maple

A cross between Red Sunset and Autumn Flame, this stunning Maple was developed by the national Arboretum.



Acer Saccharum

Sugar Maple

A stately tree that is long lived.  Noted for its brilliant fall colors.



Acer Saccharum 'Balista'

Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple

Known for its thick, leathery, glossy leaves that are resistant to leaf tatter.  Classic fall colors of yellow, orange and red. 



Acer Saccharum 'Commemoration'

Commemoration® Sugar Maple

Vigorous grower with heavy textured, glossy, deep green leaves and a moderately spreading crown. Resistant to leaf tatter with fall colors of yellow, orange and red. 



Acer Saccharum 'Green Mountain'

Green Mountain® Sugar Maple

An exceptionally vigorous grower forming an upright oval crown of dark green foliage, turning shades of orange and scarlet in the fall.  Leaves have more than twice the thickness of the waxy protective coating on a typical Sugar Maple.  This enables Green Mountains® to be planted where a regular Sugar Maple wouldn't thrive because of defoliation caused by, windy, summer weather or heat reflecting from pavement and building walls. 



Acer Saccharum 'Legacy'

Legacy® Sugar Maple

Exceptionally vigorous spreading growth habit.  Heavily branched with thick, lustrous, green leaves that are heavily textured and resistant to leaf tatter.  Brilliant fall color with the leaves turning an orangish-red. 



Acer Tataricum 'Actar'

Summer Splendor™ Maple

A small growing tree with intense scarlet leaves followed by brilliant red samaras. 



Acer Tataricum 'Garann'

Hot Wings™ Maple

A small growing tree with intense scarlet leaves followed by brilliant red samaras. 



Acer Tataricum 'Garann'

Hot Wings™ Maple

This medium-sized ornamental tree produces little yellow flowers that are followed by a six week stretch of bright red samaras.  It has brilliant red-orange foliage in the fall and is very tolerant of dry and alkaline conditions.



Acer Platanoides x Truncatum 'Norwegian Sunset'

Norwegian Sunset® Maple

This is an upright oval tree with a uniform canopy and growth similar to a Norway Maple.  Its leaves turn to orange-red and brilliant red colors in the fall.



Acer Platanoides x Truncatum 'Warrenred'

Pacific Sunset® Maple

This tree has very glossy dark green summer foliage that changes to bright red in the fall.  It has a finer textured branching habit and brighter color than the Norwegian Sunset.



Amelanchier Laevis

Allegheny Serviceberry

A native tree for all seasons.  Spring brings beautiful white, delicately scented flowers.  Summer brings ripe fruit in brilliant violet pinks, aging to a deep blue purple when fully ripe.  The grand finale comes in fall with spectacular oranges, yellows and reds as the leaves prepare to drop.



Amelanchier x Grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance'

Autumn Brilliance® Serviceberry

An improved variety noted for its brilliant red fall color.  This tree is a rapid grower with a spreading growth habit.  The springtime produces an abundance of white flowers.  Grown in tree form. 




                   Betula Jacquemontii

                      Jacquemontii Birch

                            The whitest bark of all birches.  Dark green leaves with golden fall color.



Betula Pendula 'Laciniata'

Cutleaf Weeping Birch

This tall-growing birch has delicately cut foliage that turns bright yellow in the fall.  It has a nice white bark to compliment its stunning leaves.





Carpinus Betula Fastigiata

Pyramidal European Hornbeam

This tree has dense green foliage.  It is columnar when young, but becomes pyramidal with maturity. 



Carpinus Betulus 'Frans Fontaine'

Frans Fontaine Hornbeam

With its narrow upright growth, Frans Fontaine is another great tree for street planting, reaching up to 30-40 feet in height.  Its glossy green foliage turns golden yellow in the fall. 



Celtis Occidentalis

Common Hackberry

A very hardy tree that is tolerant of urban conditions and dry alkaline soil.



Cercis Canadensis

Eastern Redbud

This small tree is noted for its bright purplish pink flowers that bloom in mid-May.  Its heart-shaped leaves have reddish new growth that turns green.



Cercis Canadensis 'Appalachian Red'

Appalachian Red Redbud

The Appalachian Red is one of the most beautiful spring trees with its bright ruby-red buds opening into dark neon pink flowers.  Come fall, its glossy green leaves turn into a brilliant golden yellow, proving it to be a year-round beauty. 



Cercis Canadensis 'Greswan'

Burgundy Hearts® Redbud

Plant Patent No. 19654

This new Redbud selection from Greenleaf Nursery has shimmering reddish-purple heart-shaped leaves.  You can expect a beautiful arrangement of lavender-red blooms during spring.


Cercis Canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

Forest Pansy Redbud

This Redbud has glossy red foliage in spring that turns to a deep red in the summer.  Its reddish pink flowers show prior to the foliage, and its fall color is brilliant yellow.



Cercis Canadensis 'Hearts of Gold'

Hearts of Gold Redbud

Plant Patent No. 17740

This tree has beautiful golden heart-shaped new growth on top of a rich green hue, making it very appealing to the eye.  During spring it blooms with a vibrant lavender-purple.  


Cercis Canadensis 'Merlot'

Merlot Redbud

Merlot, which is often compared to Forest Pansy, is a denser grower with excellent branching.  It keeps its dark purple coloring well into the growing season.  Its leaves are smaller and thicker than that of the Forest Pansy.



Cercis Canadensis 'Ruby Falls'

Ruby Falls Redbud

Plant Patent No. 22097

This weeping Redbud has eye-catching dark ruby leaves.  Come spring time its branches will be filled with dark rose colored blooms. 


Cotinus Coggygria 'Royal Purple'

Royal Purple Smoke Tree

This tree has dark purple foliage with red stems and red veins.  In the late spring/early summer it grows small panicles with insignificant flowers, giving it a smoke like appearance.



Crataegus Crusgalli Inermis Cv. 'Cruzam'

Crusader Hawthorne

A city-tolerant tree with leathery, glossy leaves that turn orange in the fall.  This tree produces bright red fruit and is thornless.


Crataegus Viridis 'Winter King'

Winter King Hawthorne

A round-headed tree with glossy leaves and silvery-grey bark.  White flowers are followed by red fruit hanging well into winter.

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