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offering more varieties and cultivars than ever before

Find the trees you're looking for at Speer & Sons Nursery.

offering more varieties and cultivars than ever before

Find the trees you're looking for at Speer & Sons Nursery.

offering more varieties and cultivars than ever before

Find the trees you're looking for at Speer & Sons Nursery.


We take pride in growing some of the most beautiful, hardy trees in the industry.  It's one of the reasons why our wonderful customers have stayed loyal to us since 1948. 



Quercus Bicolor

Swamp White Oak

A broad, open formed tree with red fall color.  This Oak is drought resistant and easily transplanted. 



Quercus Macrocarpa

Bur Oak

This tree has a large broad crown with thick corky bark.  Very tolerant of city conditions. 



Quercus Palustris

Pink Oak

A broad grower with a pyramidal head.  Its leaves are green and glossy, eventually developing a beautiful rich fall color. 



Quercus Palustris 'Pringreen'

Green Pillar® Oak

Plant Patent No. 9093

​This upright and narrow grower has glossy dark green foliage with a beautiful maroon-red fall color.  A great tree for landscaping.



Quercus Robur x Bicolor 'Long'

Regal Prince® Hybrid Oak

Intermediate in form between its parents, this vigorous tree develops a strong upright oval silhouette similar to Bowhal Red Maple.  It has bold, dark, mildew-resistant foliage with highly ornamental silvery lower surfaces, similar to its staminate parent. 



Quercus Rubra

Red Oak

A strong grower forming a good, rounded head.  The foliage is a rich, dull green in the summer turning to red in the fall. 



Quercus x Warei 'Nadler'

Kindred Spirit® Hybrid Oak

This hybrid of Columnar English Oak and Swamp White Oak is resistant to powdery mildew and tolerant of both wet soils and drought. 








Sorbus Aucuparia

European Mountain Ash

A compact, medium-sized tree noted for its orange-red berries in the summer and fall. 



                  Syringa Pekinensis 'Sun Dak'

                     Copper Curls Pekin Lilac

                          Copper Curls is a great spring tree with creamy, fragrant white flowers set on top of its                                  dark green foliage. This Lilac's peeling copper bark adds to its all around appeal. 



Syringa Pekinensis 'Morton'

China Snow® Lilac

This upright and rounded grower produces a fragrant white flower in mid to late June.  It has an attractive rich brown exfoliating bark. 



Syringa Pekinensis 'WFH2'

Great Wall™ Lilac

This beautiful tree has nice dark green foliage with a cinnamon exfoliating bark.  In late May to early June you will find a delightful arrangement of bright white flowers clustered throughout its head. 






Tilia Americana 'American Sentry'

American Sentry Linden

A beautiful form of the American Linden with a uniform branch arrangement and symmetrical form. 



Tilia Americana 'Redmond'

Redmond Linden

A pyramidal grower with large glossy leaves. 



Tilia Cordata 'Glenleven'

Glenleven Linden

A popularly selected little-leaf Linden, Glenleven is a strong, straight grower with a broad pyramidal head. Its leaves are slightly larger than those of a Greenspire but smaller than a Redmond's. 



Tilia Cordata 'Greenspire'

Greenspire® Linden

Plant Patent No. 2086

​A hardy, rapid grower with small leathery green foliage.  It has a narrow oval form with a straight trunk that requires no staking or pruning.



Tilia x Mongolica 'Harvest Gold'

Harvest Gold® Linden

Plant Patent No. 12,232

​With its narrow upright growth, exfoliating bark and attractive glossy foliage, Harvest Gold® is great for street planting and landscaping. 



Tilia Tomentosa 'Green Mountain'

Green Mountain® Silver Linden

An improved, rapid growing strain of Silver Linden.  One of the best selections for urban planting.



Tilia Tomentosa 'Sterling'

Sterling Silver Linden

Plant Patent No. 6511

​An excellent tailored growth habit produces a neat, trim appearance.  Unpalatable to many insects. 






                 Ulmus Americana 'Princeton'

                     Princeton Elm

                          A vase-shaped tree that is adaptable to most soil conditions.  Often touted as the best                                    American Elm on the market.



Ulmus Americana 'Valley Forge'

Valley Forge Elm

This broad, vase-shaped Elm has medium green foliage that turns yellow in the fall. 



Ulmus 'Morton'

Accolade™ Elm

A Dutch Elm hybrid with a graceful, vase-shaped habit, vigorous growth rate and dark green glossy foliage. 



Ulmus Wilsoniana 'Patriot'

Patriot Elm

A new disease-resistant and insect tolerant cultivar released by the US Department of Agriculture. 



Ulmus x 'Morton Glossy'

Triumph Elm

Introduced by Morton Arboretum, Triumph is a hybrid of Ulmus Wilsoniana, Ulmus Japonica and Ulmus Pumila.  It is a Dutch Elm, very disease resistant and tolerant. 


















Zelkova Serrata 'Green Vase'

Green Vase® Zelkova

A stronger and more robust grower than Village Green Zelkova, Green Vase grows well even in poor soils and polluted air.  Its foliage is clean and pest free, and it turns golden in the fall. 



Zelkova Serrata 'Musashino'

Musashino Zelkova

Musashino is a very narrow, upright branched tree with a delicate green canopy.  Excellent for city planting.


Zelkova Serrata 'Village Green'

Village Green Zelkova

Very similar to the growth habits of an American Elm, Village Green is a great street tree.  It is more cold tolerant than Green Vase. 

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