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Find the trees you're looking for at Speer & Sons Nursery.


We take pride in growing some of the most beautiful, hardy trees in the industry.  It's one of the reasons why our wonderful customers have stayed loyal to us since 1948. 



Ostrya Virginiana

American Hophornbeam

A cousin to the Birch tree, American Hophornbeam is a deciduous with scaly bark and scaly pointed buds.  Leaves are alternate and doubly toothed.  Flowers are monoecious and borne in catkins.  Fruit is a nutlet in a pendant, hop-like structure. 





Platanus Acerifolia 'Bloodgood'

London Planetree

A rapid grower that forms a broad regular head.  A good tree to withstand city conditions. 



Platanus Acerifolia 'Sutternii'

Sutterni Planetree

This Planetree, which is very popular in Europe, boasts beautiful white exfoliating bark and displays a stunning white and green variegated leaf with a subtle pink new growth. 



Platanus Acerifolia 'Morton Circle'

Exclamation!™ Planetree

This uniform, pyramidal grower has a strong central leader even as a young tree.  It has a moderate growth habit with attractive green foliage and shows resistance to frost crackling and anthracnose.



Populus Tremula 'Erecta'

Columnar Swedish Aspen

This strong upright grower has subtle purplish-green leaves in the spring that turn to an eye-catching yellowish-red in the fall. 



Populus Tremuloides

Quaking Aspen

A fast grower with an attractive, smooth, whitish-gray bark with horizontal black scars.  Its glossy green leaves become a vivacious golden-yellow in the fall. 



Prunus Cerasifera 'Cipriozam'

Crimson Pointe™ Plum

Discovered in Northern Ohio by Jim Zampini, Crimson Pointe™ is a columnar grower believed to be related to the Newport Plum. 



Prunus Cerasifera 'Newport'

Newport Plum

A hardy grower with reddish-purple foliage and a single delicate pink bloom.



Prunus Cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius'

Krauter Vesuvius Plum

Has a similar growth habit to Thundercloud but smaller in stature.  This tree is noted for its purple-black leaves which are the darkest of the flowering Plums.  It has light pink flowers. 



Prunus Cerasifera 'Thundercloud'

Thundercloud Plum

A popular tree with a deep purple leaf and a small, single delicate pink bloom.



Prunus Cistena

Cistena Plum Bush

A popular tree with a deep purple leaf and a small, single delicate pink bloom.



Prunus Incisa x Campanulata

Okame Cherry

A heavy annual bloomer with small clear pink flowers.



                   Prunus Sargentii 'Columnaris'

                      Columnar Sargent Cherry

                            An upright grower with attractive bark and red fall foliage.  Spring brings pretty pink                                        blossoms. 



Prunus Serrulata 'Kwanzan'

Kwanzan Cherry

A very popular tree with dark, double pink blossoms enhanced by the bronze color of new foliage. 



Prunus Serrulata 'Royal Burgundy'

Royal Burgundy Cherry

As a purple version of Kwanzan Cherry, this tree has a dark purple leaf and double magenta flower. It is a slightly slower grower than Kwanzan. 



Prunus Subhirtella 'Autumnalis'

Autumnalis Cherry

Semi-double pink flowers that bloom twice during the year - once in the late and fall and again in early spring. 



Prunus Subhirtella Pendula 'Plena Rosea'

Double Subhirtella Weeping Cherry

The most popular variety of the Weeping Cherry, this tree boasts double pink blossoms and pendulous branches.



Prunus Subhirtella Pendula 'Snozam'

Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry

In spring, Snow Fountains® is covered with snow white flowers.  Its graceful, cascading branches, along with its abundance of blooms, give it a fountain appearance.



                  Prunus Virginian 'Schubert'

                     Canada Red Cherry

                           An extremely hardy tree.  New growth is green turning to red as leaves mature.  Red fruits                             appear in mid-summer. 



Prunus x Yedoensis 'Yoshino'

Yoshino Cherry

A fast growing tree with single, blush pink, fragrant blossoms. 



Prunus x Yedoensis 'Akebono'

Akebono Cherry

One of the most delicate flowering cherries.  Originated in Japan, the Akebono boasts beautiful shell-pink flowers preceding its leaves, giving it the appearance of being immersed in pink blossoms.



Pyrus Calleryana 'Aristocrat'

Aristocrat® Pear

Plant Patent No. 3193

​This Pear has a pyramidal growth habit, forming an open crown.  It is noted for its good branching habit of fewer narrow crotch angles, thereby making it less susceptible to storm damage.  Its leaves are narrow and green turning to a deep red fall color.  It has white flowers in the spring and has proven to be more cold hardy than some of the other pear varieties.



Pyrus Calleryana 'Capital'

Capital Pear

Selected and introduced by the National Arboretum, Capital has a very narrow, upright form.  Beautiful white blooms with glossy green summer foliage. 



Pyrus Calleryana 'Cleveland Select'

Cleveland Select Pear

A splendid, evenly branched tree with a cone-shaped form.  Young trees bloom better than Bradford, followed by crisp glossy green summer foliage and outstanding fall color. 



Pyrus Calleryana 'Redspire'

Redspire Pear

A rapid growing, narrowly upright tree baring masses of large, pure white flowers in April.  Its leathery dark green foliage turns to rich shades of crimson and purple in the late fall.  Redspire stops growing earlier in the fall than Bradford and has therefore proven to be hardier in areas with cold winters.  It is especially well adapted to adverse city growing conditions and reaches 40 feet of maturity.



Pyrus x 'Bartlett'

Barlett Pear

The Bartlett Pear is a European variety with large yellow fruit and smooth, juicy white flesh.  This tree is not drought tolerant. 

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